Corporate Profile

BCI Limited

Corporate Profile

BCI Limited established in 2018 is a business company run for the people and for the country in Bangladesh. BCI Limited is born with the aim and objective of serving the People and the Country, and
with a vision of building Bangladesh as an economically developed and self-reliant country. Bangladesh is a free market economy, where private sector plays the key role in establishing an industrial base. We are striving to expand our industrial portfolio meet the needs of a growing population. BCI Limited is committed to the people of Bangladesh. Our enterprises play a positive role in alleviating poverty and generating employment which is an important objective of our country.

BCI Limited has kept its march forward at a greater pace even in the present era of globalization and information technology, which have turned the entire world into a global village and invited cross-border competition. The company expanded into Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Energy, Steel & Cement, Textile & Apparel, Shipping & Cargo and Constriction collaboration with others famous companies in the world. We believe that globalization has not only invited challenges, it has simultaneously opened up immense opportunities for any business entity. It has created inter-state trade dependence, furthered investment potentials and created scope of free-flow of information and industrial raw materials. Ensuring quality of goods and services and their price competitiveness is not only helping them find good market locally, but also taking them beyond boundaries.

Keeping focus on business expansion and growth in the most prospective sectors, the company is continuously taking up new projects to become the largest conglomerate distinctly. BCI Limited always upholds its aim, objective and vision and keeps up its endeavor for social and economic development of the country through fair business and corporate activities. It has contributed a lot to the overall development of the country and its economy as well as to the development of the local corporate culture. We believe in our responsibilities towards the society we operate in. All our activities are therefore directed to the wellbeing of the society in general. As part of the social commitment, the company
sponsors news supplements on important social occasions. We also provide active cooperation and support to different organizations and professional institutions in their sociocultural development programs.

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